Meet The Founder

Natasha Melbourne-Telfer

Founder and Creative Director


It’s 6 am on a sleepy Saturday morning, and I open my eyes to the birds chirping and the distant barking of a neighbour’s dog. I get out of bed, gently descend the stairs, pausing momentarily as I hear the stirrings of my parents in the kitchen. 

Once in the living room I switch the television on and stretch out on my tummy in front of the screen, hands cupping my face, waiting until the Ceefax programme ends. I let out a little yawn just as the computerised messages and keyboard music fades and the frame goes black. Then like magic, the enchanting chords of my favourite advert comes on, and a shiver of excitement runs down my five year old body.

Eyes widening, a smile slowly parts my lips, as I see the opening images of the ‘Air Canada – A world of possibilities’ campaign. I’m so enraptured by the exquisite composition of music and the rush of children smiling, ladies dancing, Frenchmen drinking coffee, vast untouched autumnal forests, skiers cutting trails into crisp white snow, and hypnotic neon signs, that I am immediately transported to Canada for those sixty seconds. So happy am I that I let out a giggle, wriggle in my space, so warm and content, replaying the commercial in my mind’s eye again and again. 

Powerful even today, with this ad I still experience the same rush of curiosity for discovering new places. Having grown up in the metropolis of London, my dream has been to live on a beautiful tropical island surrounded by an ocean. With passion and experience in creative arts, marketing, and business, in 2019 I founded Creative Core Caribbean. I wanted to help businesses and organisations transform themselves into legacy brands in a place sacred to my family and ancestors, the Caribbean.

A keen traveller, I enjoy new experiences that put me out of my comfort zones and challenge my philosophical notions of the world. That is why in 2016 I undertook a two-month Artist Residency at an International School in the United Arab Emirates. While in Bahrain, I created video content for SMEs, and one of my most successful media projects saw me producing a short film that marked the 20th Anniversary of Saar Pet Hotel and Spa, the longest established pet home-from-home company on the island.

Prior to this, I have worked as a freelance filmmaker in the film and television industry in the UK. I have written and produced numerous independent films, which have screened at film festivals, namely, Aesthetica International Film Festival, The Bahrain Black and White Film Festival, and local Bristolian filmmakers’ nights. Between 2001 and 2004, I was the Film Liaison Officer for the London Borough of Camden, which involved facilitating major international film productions such as Harry Potter, Batman Begins, and Johnny English. 

Working overseas has given me a lot of insight into cultural nuances and traditions. These have impacted on how I work with companies at Creative Core Caribbean, where we help companies shape their profiles while promoting ways to have a sustainable and successful business in the region.


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